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Who We Are

We’re inspired by great communities that work, inspired by well-designed places where porches and storefronts open to sidewalks, inviting a familiarity that makes us neighbors in the truest sense. 

We formed High Street Real Estate & Development to build great new places and to redevelop properties in Northwest Arkansas’s downtowns.  Our residential and commercial projects are influenced by philosophies that improve livability, adding lasting value to our neighborhoods and communities. 

What We Do

We strive to make better places for communities, tenants, neighbors and local businesses. From renovations to adaptive reuse to from-the-ground-up neighborhood building, our end goals are improving livability, reducing operating costs and delivering unrealized value.

  • Dedicate ourselves to the core belief that well-planned cities, towns and neighborhoods help create healthy places for people and businesses to thrive and prosper. 
  • Revive traditional downtowns through adaptive re-use of underutilized buildings and properties.
  • Create traditional, mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods that accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists as well as the car. 
  • Curate the right collection of tenants in our commercial centers that will make for vibrant and successful downtowns.
  • Take the long view by building great places to live and work today and that will remain relevant for generations to come.
  • Own what we develop. We bring a proven track record of improving and managing income-producing properties so they best serve owners, tenants and the community at large. 

Why New Urbanism?

Sometime in the early 1990s, people fell back in love with downtowns. We liked walking to the corner store, mingling with neighbors in the town squares and open-air cafes, and rediscovering a collective pride in our public places. We liked the diversity of housing types and architectural styles that once shared the same city blocks. And as our daily commutes grew longer and more frustratingly slow, we really came to like the convenience of living within walking or biking distance to work. 

What we fell in love with were the developing principles of New Urbanism. By making our neighborhoods more accommodating, more diverse and more accessible by foot or bike, we make them more livable.